Welcome to DaisyMac Gardens!Welcome to DaisyMac Gardens.  My name is Sandy Wityak and I'm a Market Vendor at the Danbury Farmers' Market.  I dedicated the name of the farm after my Mom, Edna and my Dad, Vincent.  He used to call her Daisy and everyone knew him as Vinny Mac.  Thus the name DaisyMac.  Growing up we always had a garden and my parents taught me a lot about gardening.  Not just vegetables but flowers as well.  

My farm is here in Danbury, CT (in my back yard).  I pride myself that I'm a local farmer at the Danbury Farmers' Market, and if I happen to run out of a certain produce, I have more picked, and freshly brought in.  This year the market is open every Friday starting on June 27th  until October 31st  from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.  

In addition to selling at the Danbury Market, other clients include two farm stores in Westchester County, NY and several restaurants in the Danbury Area.

Produce is available by request via the Order Tab, by email at swityak1@comcast.net, or by phone at 203-731-4409.  Delivery in the local area can also be arranged.